Cooking Classs

A Unique Cooking Class Like No Other

There are 5 menus available, the first to sign up will get to choose the menu of the class.
The vegetarian menu is preferably booked for family or group from 3 or more.

2 x classes per day – 2 and a half to 3 hours per class
class size: 2-8 people per class

Morning class pickup at *8:30am & finishing approximately 12pm with a visit to the local village market.
(*Pickup at 9am if class without village market)

Afternoon class pickup at 2:30pm & finishing approximately 5:30pm.
(No market visit available at this time of day)

Two -way transportation, welcome drink, food, complimentary desserts, souvenir,
english-speaking guide and an awesome reverside view & chill out bar.


$28 per person
$33 per person (if choosing market visit)

Contact Us
16/572 Bui Thi Xuan street, Thuy Bieu Ward, Hue City
Phuong: +84 (0) 935 248 080 & +84 (0)973 164 128

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